THE COMPANY: Consulting, Conferences and Training

Merk Vision & Partners is an international agency providing consulting, conference and training services specialized in strategic marketing, retailing and digital excellence.

We advise and train your teams in brand building, customer experience and retail management in order to prepare your company the best for the new retail reality of multi-channel presence and service excellence. To remain competitive, brands need to build true brand ambassadors!

In addition, the company's founder and professional business speaker, Dr. Michaela Merk provides highly dynamic keynotes at company events focusing on retail, brand and digital excellence of better customer experience. Click here to discover more of her topics 

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OUR MISSION: Brand, Retail and Digital Excellence

Developing strong and unique brands and selling them through a highly engaged sales team is a MUST for all companies to remain competitive in the fast changing retail environment. Engaging management, training, high expertise and service oriented sales techniques are necessary in order to make your customers true brand ambassadors. 

Strong brands also serve to tie your employees so close to your company that they are becoming enthusiastic brand ambassadors. 

Thanks to years of expertise in the luxury sector, our mission is to help brands strengthen their brand message and accompany their teams on their way of becoming successful brand ambassadors. To do so, we have developed unique, scientifically proven management and sales techniques. 

We also help you find the best strategies to integrate digital tools within your corporation since the retail reality requires a smooth and intelligent combination of traditional offline and modern online channels. Operating multichannel with a strong human presence is the future! 

THE FOUNDER: Dr. Michaela Merk

Michaela Merk, founder and CEO of Merk Vision & Partners, has 15 years of international experience in the luxury-, cosmetics and fashion sector. She has worked for global companies such as L’Oréal Luxe, Marionnaud /AS Watson and Estée Lauder Companies in top management positions.

She provides top executive consultings, trainings and seminars for leading companies in the premium and luxury segment and lectures at renowned business schools in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Dr. Michaela Merk is associate professor in management at the leading University Paris Dauphine and member of the research laboratory “Brand and Values” at Sorbonne Graduate Business School, where she also accomplished her PhD in association with HEC business school.

Michaela Merk is guest speaker at numerous international conferences with focus on luxury, international marketing and retailing issues. Speakers Excellence, one of the biggest European speakers agencies, counts her among the top 100 trainers in Europe.

She is the author of numerous publications, among others "LUXURY SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT: Strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors.