Successful brand management allows to structure your brand and find its unique selling points in a highly competitive market. The utmost goal is to enhance your brand’s market value and make it a true brand champion.

Merk Vision & Partners assist you in the process of successful branding and provide you with the main strategies for creating and launching a new premium brand or product.


The German and French cosmetics and luxury markets are among the biggest in Europe. However competition is intense and the retail players are powerful and highly concentrated. Excellent market knowledge and relationships are required in order to develop the right expansion strategy for your business. We recommend the best strategy for the German and French market.

Many years of experience in these markets allowed us to establish a tight network with top level partner agencies, retailers and distributors. We will help you find the best-fitting match for your business and accompany you even beyond.


The fast moving market situation and the competitive landscape call for constant questioning of your brand and adaptation to guarantee continuous success. In order to better satisfy your customers as well as differentiate yourself from competitors we help you reposition your brand and redefine your brand concept if necessary.