Are you planning to sell your brand and products online?

We assist you in making the right choice in your digital strategy, your partner agencies and all steps to prepare such a major project in the most professional and realistic way by taking into consideration your current business model.


E-commerce projects are among the most global and complex projects to manage.  The set up of your e-commerce site is similar to the construction of your biggest flagship store and offers outstanding opportunities for your brand.

Thanks to our unique expertise in retailing, branding and project management in the fashion, cosmetics and luxury industry we manage the set up process and launch coordination of all e-commerce facilities and features.

Due to the interdisciplinarity of e-commerce projects, every member of your team must be fully convinced of the importance to go online. We accompany you in this change management process and motivate key leaders to guarantee the success of your project.

Combining traditional offline channels with online channels holds many challenges. We accompany you by setting up an efficient omni-channel strategy tailored to your needs so you can operate efficiently across all channels.

Our goal is to provide your company with a fully effective and successful e-commerce platform within 8 months. In order to ensure efficiency in international projects, we work across boarders and intervene in English, French and German.

Steps when building an e-commerce shop


"In person and on behalf of the whole Lacoste-team, I would like to thank Michaela Merk for her work and personal implication during the development of our first European e-commerce site which is now becoming one of our most important businesses."

Eric Bascle, General Manager of Operations at Devanlay/ Lacoste, former Director of Strategy and international Development

“Merk Vision and Partners has guided and accompanied us in the development of the DIM e-commerce site with huge discipline, rigor and professionalism. Michaela Merk managed the whole process and did much more any other consultant would have done."

Fabio Luxi, International Chief Marketing Officer DBApparel Groupe

“We have very successfully accomplished our joint project not least owing to Michaela’s continued expertise around marketing, lifestyle and luxury brands & markets. We highly value the partnership with Merk Vision and are looking forward to future projects and challenges.”

Tobias Hartmann, Vice President for Omnichannel Operations & International at eBay Enterprise, former Managing Director NETRADA

Michaela Merk presenting at the digital Xchange Summit of Demandware in Berlin, Hotel Adlon. She showed how to master the new retail reality and to face all upcoming changes in retail related to the digital world.