Without a good sales force no company can breathe

This is what Alain Dominique Perrin, former CEO of Cartier International and non-executive director of Richemont Group told me when we shared our vision about strategies for managing, motivating and engaging salespeople within your own company:

“The sales team are the lungs of the brand. Marketing and finance are the heart and the brain. Without air, the lungs can’t breathe, the heart and the brand stop and the brand dies. Therefore, no brand can sustain or develop in the long run without a strong sales force willing to fight for it. Of course, the quality of the product is essential, as well as maintaining the motivation and pride of the sales force, but the challenge lies in continually maintaining such motivation and pride.”


In deed, they should be put at the heart of your company since no brand can survive without a dedicated sales force. This becomes even more relevant in times when companies try to build omnichannel strategies and need to make a real difference between online channels and a unique offline shopping experience.